The most common questions on buying Barlow Tyrie from us and general questions on what makes their furniture an attractive choice.

Barlow Tyrie combines the highest quality materials with superior craftsmanship and design, which has resulted in worldwide recognition of their brand as representing the best in outdoor furniture.

Starting out with their renowned range of teak furniture, over the last 60 years they have added contemporary designs using a multitude of materials including stainless steel, aluminium, textile, and woven synthetic fibre.

Regarding Teak

What are the properties of teak?

Teak is a deciduous hardwood tree from the highlands of Southeast Asia; it does not come from tropical rainforests. Teakwood has a naturally high oil content, which makes it both stable and resistant to rotting when exposed to climatic extremes. For centuries, this special quality has made teakwood the preferred choice for marine decking and construction and makes it the premium timber for outdoor furniture.

Where does the wood Barlow Tyrie use come from?

Barlow Tyrie manufactures its wooden furniture from FLEGT-licensed teak, which is sourced legally from plantations in Indonesia. Nearly all teak in Indonesia comes from government-owned plantations on the island of Java. The legality of the timber in Barlow Tyrie products is assured through Indonesia’s national timber legality assurance system and FLEGT licensing scheme. FLEGT licensed timber is considered to fully comply with the EU Timber Regulation. Buyers who place our FLEGT licensed timber products on the EU market do not have to undertake further due diligence

What is the teak weathering process?

Over a few months in an outdoor environment, untreated teak will weather to a silver grey colour, which is due to the action of sunlight.

Why does new teak sometimes have 'wild' dark or orange stripes?

These markings are perfectly normal and will disappear within a few days, following exposure to the UV spectrum in natural sunlight. These marks are often apparent following the kilning process, which lowers the moisture content of the timber prior to manufacture. Kilning reduces the incidence of small cracks that can appear in the furniture due to the changes in temperature and humidity encountered in an outdoor environment.

Why do cracks occasionally appear in my teak furniture?

Teakwood is a natural material and fine cracks in the end grain of components, e.g. legs and arms, may appear due to changes in temperature and humidity and the consequent change in moisture content of the wood. This is normal, especially in heavier components and it will not affect the serviceability of your furniture.

How do you clean teak?

Over time, teak will naturally weather from golden brown to a silver-grey colour. The following range of Barlow Tyrie products will help you care for your teak furniture.

For our full guide on furniture care and cleaning, see our teak furniture cleaning guide here.

Do I need to oil my teak furniture?

Treating with teak oil or other preservatives is not necessary, it will not extend the life of your furniture and is purely cosmetic. Barlow Tyrie do not recommend oiling your furniture.

Do I need to store my furniture during the winter?

No, all Barlow Tyrie furniture can be left outdoors, uncovered, all year round. If you choose to cover your furniture during the winter then you should use a material that allows it to breathe.

Regarding Metal

What are the properties of stainless steel?

Barlow Tyrie use two grades of stainless steel; 316 Grade, commonly known as ‘marine grade’ and 304 Grade, the most commonly used for garden furniture.

316 and 304 grades are both suitable for use in inland locations, but 316 grade is ideally suited for most coastal areas and marine environments.

304 grade should not be used in heavily chlorinated environments

If you have any questions or concerns about which grade is best suited for your area, please contact GardenSite customer service

Please note that all outdoor furniture, including stainless steel, requires some maintenance to keep it looking its best.

How do I clean stainless steel?

Whilst 316 grade is highly resistant to corrosion it might still require some maintenance to preserve its finish, dependant on the environment. To maintain the finish of both 316 and 304 grades, we recommend you use “Barlow Tyrie Stainless Steel Clean and Guard”, which cleans the stainless steel and leaves a fine layer of Teflon on the surface to help prevent the build up of contaminants.

What are the properties of aluminium?

Aluminium is lightweight and for this reason, Barlow Tyrie have included it in their range. The aluminium they use is 'Virgin Aluminium', meaning it is not reclaimed from scrap, making it stronger and longer lasting. Barlow Tyrie powder-coat the aluminium to prevent oxidation and ensure it gives long service.

How do I clean aluminium?

We recommend you use Barlow Tyrie aluminium cleaner. For our full guide on furniture care and cleaning, see our aluminium furniture cleaning guide here.

Regarding Textilene

What is Textilene?

Barlow Tyrie make the slings for their aluminium, stainless steel and teak furniture with this special high quality branded material made from PVC coated, polyester, non-stretch yarn.

Why choose Textilene?

Using this fabric means our slings are strong and durable as well as mildew resistant, flame retardant and low maintenance. Barlow Tyrie use sonic welding to produce their slings, which results in a more aesthetically pleasing product than glue or stitching.

How do I clean Textilene?

To clean and maintain your Textilene or woven furniture, use Barlow Tyrie Textilene and woven cleaner, which was developed to prevent unsightly residue remaining after the cleaning process.

For our full guide on furniture care and cleaning, see our Textilene furniture cleaning guide here.

Regarding Cushions

Are your Barlow Tyrie cushion fabrics waterproof?

Barlow Tyrie cushions have a water repellent finish but are not waterproof and should not be left out in heavy rain. If cushions become saturated then place them on one edge and allow the water to drain away until they are thoroughly dry.

Do not store cushions when they are wet.

Do Barlow Tyrie parasol fabrics provide ultraviolet protection?

Barlow Tyrie fabrics have been tested and proven to provide up to 98% protection from the harmful effects of the sun, depending on the depth of colour. White and lighter coloured fabrics provide less protection than darker fabrics. This protection is inherent to the product and usage will not reduce it.

Are Barlow Tyrie fabrics fire resistant?

The cushions Barlow Tyrie supply and their furniture slings are flame retardant and comply with the U.K. Furniture & Furnishings (fire safety) Regulations 1988.

What are Barlow Tyrie cushions made from?

Barlow Tyrie manufacture their cushions using Sunbrella® fabric, made from a durable, 100% solution dyed acrylic fibre that is very colour fast in sunlight. A stain repellent is applied to the fabric, although it will withstand vigorous cleaning if necessary.

How do I clean cushions and parasols?

To clean and maintain your cushions and parasols, we recommend you use Barlow Tyrie Fabric Cleaner which will remove dirt, grease, oil and mould. After cleaning we recommend using Barlow Tyrie Weather Guard which will protect the fabric from the aging affects of the weather.

We recommend you leave the cushion covers on during the cleaning process.

We recommend that parasol canopies should be cleaned on the frame.

We suggest you clean your cushions before you store them in a dry, well-ventilated area.

Regarding Product Design

Do I need to use a base if I am locating a parasol through a dining table?

Yes, all parasols must be located in the recommended parasol base for safety reasons. Use standard parasol bases for when you wish to use a parasol through a dining table, a free standing base is available for use without a table. Standard parasol base plates are available for when a parasol is required for the Equinox Pedestal Tables.

Can we use any Barlow Tyrie chairs with any Barlow Tyrie tables?

Barlow Tyrie dining chairs and tables are made to a standard that gives the correct distance between the seat and table top, which ensures you are comfortable when eating. You can confidently purchase any Barlow Tyrie chairs with any Barlow Tyrier tables depending on your design preference and the number of people you wish to seat.

Does Barlow Tyrie furniture require assembly?

Some pieces are supplied fully assembled whilst others will need minor assembly, in which case instructions are given inside each carton.

Regarding Delivery

Please kindly see our separate delivery information page for everything you'd need to know about delivery times, delivery locations, and how Barlow Tyrie products are delivered.

Can you deliver Barlow Tyrie products to America?

Yes! See full details on our worldwide delivery capabilities on our worldwide delivery page.

Can you deliver Barlow Tyrie products to Europe?

Yes! See full details on our worldwide delivery capabilities on our worldwide delivery page.

Can you deliver Barlow Tyrie products to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland?

Yes! See full details on our worldwide delivery capabilities on our worldwide delivery page.